Plain and Cross-linked Beads

Plain (or non-activated) beads are used for size exclusion chromatography, which is also known as gel filtration or molecular exclusion. Mixtures of molecules are applied to the top of a column of beads and allowed to travel through the column. Separation is by size and the molecules appear in order at the other end. The equipment can be connected to a detector so that the times of transit for the different molecules can be seen, and specific fractions can be collected.

These sorts of separations are usually done by gravity, but in larger facilities, they may be done under pressure. Plain beads will deform under pressure so in this case cross-linked beads may be used. Cross-linked beads are made by ABT in various strengths so that different separations can be accommodated. For very high pressure separations, then the Rapid-Run beads are recommended, and these are highly cross-linked to withstand the pressure that is applied.

ABT’s plain, cross-linked and Rapid-Run beads come in a range of agarose strengths and in different size beads, from micro to macro. We have the widest range of any supplier. Contact us with your requirement and we will recommend an appropriate product for you.


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