His tag Purification

His tags are used widely to label proteins for a wide range of functions. The His-tag on the protein is attracted to the metal ion on the agarose bead, to assist in separation. Several companies offer Nickel activate chelating beads and then the laboratory personnel have to adapt their protein production to suit the beads.
ABT took a different approach and they offer a comprehensive range of beads with different chelating metals: nickel, copper, zinc and cobalt, so that a much wider range of proteins can be effectively separated. In addition, the chelates are offered at high or low density, where appropriate, so that the beads can deal effectively with different sizes of proteins, and make clean and effective separations.
ABT offers test kits with a range of chelates in small quantities so that you can try out your separation for a very low price, and then choose the best chelating beads to take forward.
The chelates have been very widely accepted by research labs and we have severer testimonials available.

“…We have since purchased 500 ml of ABT resin and have used this to purify several proteins in our lab. We have purified all-alpha helical and all-beta sheet proteins, from 100 – 300 amino acids in size, expressed in E.coli. We find that the ABT resin performs as well as that of other leading manufacturers but costs less. This has allowed us to make a significant saving as we work on many mutant proteins and therefore use a lot of pre-charged resin”.

Dept of Chemistry – University of Cambridge
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB2 1EW


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