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ABT Beads success at Manchester University

In the purification of a protein, the performance of the resin in terms of duration of the overall process/number of steps required is just as important as the purity of the resulting protein. For clients using our products on a larger scale, the number of process steps therefore becomes an important economic consideration.

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Visit us at San Diego

34th Semiannual Biotechnology Vendor Showcase at the University of California, San Diego.

Thursday, August 23rd from 10:00-2:30 p.m. at the Price Center West, Ballroom. This event is free for all professors, post-docs, laboratory researchers, graduate students and purchasing agents. We are eager to show you our wide range of activated agarose beads for affinity chromatography and enzyme and antibody immobilization, as well as non activated agarose beads for size exclusion chromatography . Of course we will have people on hand to answer any questions you might have.

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ABT has launched PROTEIN G Agarose Resin 4 RAPID RUN™

Protein G is immobilized by means of covalent binding that avoids protein loss and allows for column re-use. Recombinant Protein G contains only IgG binding domains to ensure the maximum specific IgG Binding capacity and minimize non-specific binding by eliminating the albumin and cell surface binding sites associated with native Protein G.

ABT offers a special introductory price for Protein G Agarose Resin 4 Rapid Run. Save 25% on all sizes (1ml, 5 ml and 25 ml).
For orders through August 31, 2012.

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