New ABT Product Brochure

The purpose of the brochure is to highlight the wide range of current and newly released products including Nickel NTA and Protein G resins. The brochure provides detailed information on each product including competitor comparative data.


Top Product

This resin is the most common IMAC resin for working in reducing conditions because of the four metalbinding sites on the chelate, which enables high protein binding and minimal metal leaching.

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Still using CNBr-agarose to conjugate your antibodies?

These products combine the advantages of Glyoxal resins with the high flow and stability characteristics of our highly cross-linked beads. Samples available for prior practical evaluation.

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35% Discount until december 31st 2012.  Discount Code:  GST 1212

Glutathione Agarose resins for use in affinity purification of Glutathione-S-transferase (GST) and GST tagged fusion proteins.

• For all kinds of proteins: small, large protein complex low expression rate proteins.
• Easy changeover: no need for optimization or protocol change.
• Great adaptability: Bulk format suitable for batch, gravity, peristaltic pump & syringe.
• High purity achieved in one purification step, comparable to market standards.

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