Improve your Process with the New AFFi-Mab


AFFI-MAB Fine Agarose Resins are products specially designed for capture of monoclonal antibodies (MABs) providing fast and efficient purifications.

The stable binding of the recombinant protein formed by aldehyde coupling chemistry and the novel NaOH tolerant modified rProtein A allows the use of the resin in 0.1 to 0.5M NaOH conditions. If you wish to receive more information and comparative data email


NEW: FPLC Empty Columns now available

New Product : FPLC Empty Columns

New Product : FPLC Empty Columns

ABT presents new single-use columns suitable for FPLC and ÄKTA design™ chromatography systems.

Empty FPLC Columns have the functionality of a small column but provide other advantages: disposable, easy to pack, identical designs for different sizes, accurate for reproducible packing, robust construction allowing moderate back pressure, easy to store with long shelf life.

ABT offers four different sizes of single-use columns (8ml, 30ml, 45 ml and 80 ml).