Testimonial: Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona


GLUTATHIONE AGAROSE RESIN. “You can save money keeping your yields without spending time changing procedures.”

Glutathione Agarose Resins are a useful tool to purify proteins under native and denaturing conditions. There is no need to change procedures so can use a cheaper resin without losing time in the process change…

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Empty Spin Columns

Volume 1ml. Pore size of 20 µm

This column serves as a tool for gravity purification using very small quantities of resin. The package contains 20 empty small columns with their top and end caps. Plastic columns are polypropylene with a total volume of 1 ml and contain a polyethylene frit with a nominal pore size of 20 µm. They are specially designed for working with bed volumes of 100-200 µl.