Institute of Organic Chemistry, CSIC

cesicThe biological glycochemistry group at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, CSIC, has been using agarose resins manufactured by ABT for quite some time.

The affinity resins have been utilized for the purification of a large number of recombinant proteins (Glycosyltransferases, sulfotransferases, kinases, etc.) to increase stability and re-usability. Additionally, with a wide variety of available resins with different functional groups, the ABT resins have been used for both ionic and covalent immobilization of low molecular weight biomolecules of medical interest (antibiotics, proteoglycans, etc.). These immobilized biomolecules can act as catalysts in a variety of synthesis reactions in an aqueous medium where conventional catalysts do not work. Our high capacity (40-60 m mol / mL gel) resins can assure very high biocatalytic activity saving time and money.

Dra. Agatha Bastida Codina
Departamento de Química Bio-Orgánica



With only a syringe and an easily packed 1ml cartridge of the appropriate resin you can begin recovering your purified protein in a very short time.

Agarose LE. New Years Special.

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New catalog 2013In this issue you will find a complete description containing all new ABT product references. Ask for your online version or download.

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Customized BeadsIf you are looking for beads you cannot find in the market…

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Empty Spin Columns

Volume 1ml. Pore size of 20 µm

This column serves as a tool for gravity purification using very small quantities of resin. The package contains 20 empty small columns with their top and end caps. Plastic columns are polypropylene with a total volume of 1 ml and contain a polyethylene frit with a nominal pore size of 20 µm. They are specially designed for working with bed volumes of 100-200 µl.

Half Price for your Antibody Purifications

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Protein A Agarose Beads and rProtein G Rapid Run™ Agarose Beads through July 31, 2013.

New application for ABT 2% Agarose Macro Beads

Salt depletion and solvent exchange from a solution of poly disperse particles – read more through this testimonial.


Testimonial from  Howard Hughes Medical Institute The University of Utah- Dept Human Genetics.

“Sometimes a Customized product makes easy what is difficult to get with standard options. In Howard Hughes Medical Institute they have been using 2% agarose Macro beads …. ”

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NEW: FPLC Empty Columns now available

New Product : FPLC Empty Columns

New Product : FPLC Empty Columns

ABT presents new single-use columns suitable for FPLC and ÄKTA design™ chromatography systems.

Empty FPLC Columns have the functionality of a small column but provide other advantages: disposable, easy to pack, identical designs for different sizes, accurate for reproducible packing, robust construction allowing moderate back pressure, easy to store with long shelf life.

ABT offers four different sizes of single-use columns (8ml, 30ml, 45 ml and 80 ml).