Can’t find a specific product

Customized BeadsIf you are looking for beads you cannot find in the market…

If you want to obtain specific raw materials to fight your competitors…

If you need different products to reach new applications…

If you want to improve your yields…




Testimonial: Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona


GLUTATHIONE AGAROSE RESIN. “You can save money keeping your yields without spending time changing procedures.”

Glutathione Agarose Resins are a useful tool to purify proteins under native and denaturing conditions. There is no need to change procedures so can use a cheaper resin without losing time in the process change…

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New application for ABT 2% Agarose Macro Beads

Salt depletion and solvent exchange from a solution of poly disperse particles – read more through this testimonial.


Testimonial from  Howard Hughes Medical Institute The University of Utah- Dept Human Genetics.

“Sometimes a Customized product makes easy what is difficult to get with standard options. In Howard Hughes Medical Institute they have been using 2% agarose Macro beads …. ”

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Five good reasons to go for a customized project.

ABT’s Customized Resins are now available to cover all the different types of separations, making it possible for you to choose specifications for your resin at an affordable price..

Case Study

ABT Beads success at Manchester University

In the purification of a protein, the performance of the resin in terms of duration of the overall process/number of steps required is just as important as the purity of the resulting protein. For clients using our products on a larger scale, the number of process steps therefore becomes an important economic consideration.

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