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NEW: FPLC Empty Columns now available

New Product : FPLC Empty Columns

New Product : FPLC Empty Columns

ABT presents new single-use columns suitable for FPLC and ÄKTA design™ chromatography systems.

Empty FPLC Columns have the functionality of a small column but provide other advantages: disposable, easy to pack, identical designs for different sizes, accurate for reproducible packing, robust construction allowing moderate back pressure, easy to store with long shelf life.

ABT offers four different sizes of single-use columns (8ml, 30ml, 45 ml and 80 ml).

Using expensive pre-packed Cartridges? Pack your own!

Pack your own cartridges

However, pre-packed cartridges are expensive and, if you need to watch your budget, these cartridges are not the best option.

Realizing your need to save money, we now offer empty FPLC cartridges to be packed with any ABT bulk chromatography medium for use in FPLC devices. You just need to follow a very easy packing procedure and you will save lots of money. Packing you own resin is easy and less expensive with ABT resins and empty cartridges!!