Institute of Organic Chemistry, CSIC

cesicThe biological glycochemistry group at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, CSIC, has been using agarose resins manufactured by ABT for quite some time.

The affinity resins have been utilized for the purification of a large number of recombinant proteins (Glycosyltransferases, sulfotransferases, kinases, etc.) to increase stability and re-usability. Additionally, with a wide variety of available resins with different functional groups, the ABT resins have been used for both ionic and covalent immobilization of low molecular weight biomolecules of medical interest (antibiotics, proteoglycans, etc.). These immobilized biomolecules can act as catalysts in a variety of synthesis reactions in an aqueous medium where conventional catalysts do not work. Our high capacity (40-60 m mol / mL gel) resins can assure very high biocatalytic activity saving time and money.

Dra. Agatha Bastida Codina
Departamento de Química Bio-Orgánica


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Glutathione Agarose resins for use in affinity purification of Glutathione-S-transferase (GST) and GST tagged fusion proteins.

• For all kinds of proteins: small, large protein complex low expression rate proteins.
• Easy changeover: no need for optimization or protocol change.
• Great adaptability: Bulk format suitable for batch, gravity, peristaltic pump & syringe.
• High purity achieved in one purification step, comparable to market standards.

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